Touting the wonders of Q

Ben Swann benswann at
Wed Mar 4 06:23:38 PST 2009

The recent cold and snow gives renewed reason to tout the merits of Q.

After the 8" snowfall and a day to warm slightly and refreeze, there were several ice
patches about the culdesac at the end of the street that culminates down the 100' of 30
degree incline which is our driveway.  Neighbors only have to deal with a flat or very
slight incline, as ours is the only one with a steep driveway.  We leave ours unshoveled
so neigborhood kids can use it for sledding, knowing that our antiquated quattros will
just drive right up, yet neighbors typically shovel theirs clean.  I simply drive the
car up the unshoveled ice and snow covered incline the is usually plowed in at the top
with no spinning wheels or drama of any sort. - and the kids can continue their sledding
fun until it all melts.

One ice patch at the end of the street seemed to be trouble for several vehicles even
though it was pretty much flat.  I assisted one neighbor who was spinning the front
wheels of his compact SUV.  Later came the mail truck whos dirver was frantically trying
to rock it free in the same spot.  I drove my '91 200Q 20V avant up the ice and snow
covered driveway so I could hitch a rope to the subframe of the mail truck and pull it
and it greatful driver out - should have asked her for some free shipping after my rope
broke just as the truck got free of the ice.  Then later, another neighbor driving her
2008 BMW managed to get it stuck in the same spot, and I helped push it off the ice.
This spot was pretty much flat with a few humps of packed snow, so was surprised to see
this BMW get stuck.

I had earlier that morning driven the Q up the ice and snow covered steep driveway and
played donuts in the same culdesac that all these other cars were having trouble with,
then drove back down to avoid possibility of a vehicle sliding into mine if I parked on
the street.

Once again I feel justification for choosing to continue to  drive these older Quatttros
even though I could afford to buy a newer vehicle.


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