Pulsating heater blower question

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed Mar 4 09:06:03 PST 2009

At 9:34 AM -0500 3/4/09, SAJanesick - Bellsouth wrote:
>  I think it might be a physical wearing of the blower motor brushes 
>that have lost contact other than when pushed to the right or left 
>through the efforts of G-forces, and another guy could neither hear 
>nor understand the problem

That's likely the right answer, IMHO. My '91 has gone through a 
related symptom whereby the blower motor squealed loudly during 
moderately hard turns (although not producing large fan-speed 
variations). That was cured by replacing the blower motor. The aged 
A/C blower's sensitivity to G-forces is a very common problem, and 
unfortunately the replacement is a PITA job to do.

Alternative advice might be to "just" replace the motor brushes, but 
AFAIK, that involves about the same amount of work--maybe more?--than 
installing a new motor, and you'd still be left with the same worn 
bearings, etc. Since most technicians would likely not agree to do 
that, the "brush job" would come down to being a DIY job. And think 
twice before deciding to install a used blower motor of dubious 
provenance. Some will give the advice that "old cars don't deserve 
new parts", but IMHO that can be very poor advice when the 
installation time and labor are not trivial.

>(we're all getting old

Yes-- been dealing with that "issue", too (so far the symptoms are 
such that the "cure" is not desired ).

>and deaf.

My wife's hearing has been steadily worsening since her early 30s, 
and the impairment has by now become quite severe. Although my 
hearing is still excellent, we've both started to learn ASL (American 
sign language) in the hope of improved communication. Unfortunately 
understanding communication from our elderly Audi remains as 
difficult as always.



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