Pulsating heater blower question

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed Mar 4 09:14:52 PST 2009

At 8:05 AM -0700 3/4/09, Ed Kellock wrote:
>One thing to do is clean the brushes.  You can do this by lifting the
>underhood cowling at the firewall edge and going under it from the driver's
>side.  There's a small 90-degree bit of hose on the blower housing that
>directs air on the brushes to cool them.

I was going to add the same advice to my previous post, but forgot. 
So, I'll "second the motion" --i.e.,  Ed's spray cleaner advice is 
worth a try--and it's quite easy to do. I did try that a couple of 
times when my A/C blower had the squealing problem, but the 
improvement was too short-lived to persevere with that approach. 
Hopefully YMMV.



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