Pulsating heater blower question

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There is usually a chance that both brushes are not warn equally, and a toss 
of the coin as to if it is the one closer to where the "L" shaped air 
cooling tube attaches. On an '86q, I was able to get another four months of 
good usage out of the original blower by pressing on the brush holder and 
pushing it closer to the armature. It got me past the coldest winter months 
into early summer.



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> At 8:05 AM -0700 3/4/09, Ed Kellock wrote:
>>One thing to do is clean the brushes.  You can do this by lifting the
>>underhood cowling at the firewall edge and going under it from the 
>>side.  There's a small 90-degree bit of hose on the blower housing that
>>directs air on the brushes to cool them.
> I was going to add the same advice to my previous post, but forgot.
> So, I'll "second the motion" --i.e.,  Ed's spray cleaner advice is
> worth a try--and it's quite easy to do. I did try that a couple of
> times when my A/C blower had the squealing problem, but the
> improvement was too short-lived to persevere with that approach.
> Hopefully YMMV.
> Phil
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