need some interior parts

George sidman at
Sun Mar 15 13:00:44 PDT 2009


You can rebuild all the dash switches in '91 20v. The seat heater switches
are a little dicey. When you dis-assemble the switch there is a microscopic
ball bearing used as detent that will fall out and evaporate. Use caution. I
have had good luck drilling out the red plastic to create more room for the
bulb. I also drill the PC board and take the lamp leads through the board
and solder them onto the traces behind. Much easier than screwing around
trying to solder the short leads on the face of the board. Also, the lamps
are on whenever the ignition is on, burning up the bulbs. I have jumpered
the heater switch bulbs to the headlamp circuit so they only come on when
the headlights are on. I have had my '91 since new and have done all the
switches at least twice. 

George Sidman

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