interior parts needed

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Sun Mar 15 16:15:08 PDT 2009

Thanks so much for your replies guys. Kevin, I will keep you in mind as I make a list of the parts I need. It looks like I wont need the switches with the link that was provided below however.

Thank you so much Henry. Unfortunately I don't have a Bentley yet, but I will get my hands on one asap. That link is AWESOME! Thank you so much.

Now that those issues are sorted out, I have another. Occasionally my tach jumps around like crazy. I thought it was the crank trigger wiring at first, but then I monitored it on the computer (VEMS) and it showed now variation in RPM reading at all. This leads me to believe that it has to be the cluster. I will be following instructions from SJM to try and fix it. Ill update if/when I fix the problem. 

Thanks so much guys!

-Chris Gregg

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I have a 200 20v parts car in my driveway.  Email me with what you need.



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> I think I used instructions from
> (normally
> aspirated 90q 20v site, but same switches) to replace the
> lights in my seat
> heater switches & other console switches a number of
> years ago. As far as I
> can remember all my little night light bulbs work except
> the diff lock
> switch - because I touched some contacts with a screwdriver
> while messing
> with something else and haven't bothered to fix that.
> The fog light won't
> actually turn on unless the headlights (not just parking
> lights) are on, if
> I remember?
> Follow the Bentley troubleshooting procedure for climate
> control, it will
> tell you why the a/c isn't working. Most likely just
> pushing some buttons on
> the head unit, don't even have to get your hands dirty.
> Until it's time to
> fix what broke.


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