Coolant pump, thermoswitch

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Cool, thanks for the help. turns out i was looking at the wrong thermoswitch. anyway back to work for the week, gotta wait to the weekend to mess with it again.    
"run a flow check to see if the pump actually moves" - how would i go about to do this? listen with a hose?  thanks

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> Danny, the switch is on the water manifold under the intake manifold kinda
got just reach your
> arm in there from above. Keep in mind the afterun fan will only run if the
car is really hot at
> shut down

Yup- everyone who comes from a 10vt notices the 20vt runs the fan much
less frequently.

Do NOT let either contact on the after-run switch contact the engine,
or you will blow a fuse.

Also, the pumps have mag-drive impellers, and attract everything iron
that flows through them (which is why keeping the coolant fresh, not
using the green crap, and flushing the system is important.)  Run a
flow check to make sure the pump actually moves.  You might be able to
rescue one with CLR, or by cracking open the housing...but you'd have
to do a really, really good job of cleaning the plastic and epoxying
it back together.

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