Avant rear springs

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I thought one of the later s car springs worked either the s4 or the 95 s6 as an option, and since the 200 is lighter........

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I added spring spacers from a speed shop. (Jeg's,  Summit) something like 
Mr. Gasket 1285 - Circular Spacers   to my '90 200tqa.  Helped a lot.  I 
belive I installed them towards one end where the coils were closer 
together,  stay in just fine.
Nick  central Ohio
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> My avant sits normal empty and corners well (not race track cornering)
> considering what it is compared to my sedan, but when I load it up it sags
> and squats and the muffler hits the pavement under strong acceleration. 
> Is
> there a solution to this problem?  Some sort of overload spring?  The 
> avant
> has only 130K miles.
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