Speedometer not working

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 It's above and slightly in front of the left inner CV joint. With the tranny out it was easy to get to {I am Capt Obvious} not sure how tough getting it out will be installed. It's held in with a clip deal that's easy to get off.   Bob



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My car has developed exactly the same symptoms.
I would like to try Peter's suggestion.
Where is the speedometer sender?
Bentley doesn't seem to mention speedometer sender anywhere other then
transmission harness connector in transmission removal section.

В Втр, 13/03/2007 в 08:41 -0400, Peter Schulz пишет:
> Brian:
> Do the easiest thing first.
> Pull the connector on the transmission sender, clean the contacts on 
> it and on the sender, reconnect., then see if it resolves the issue.
> Instrument cluster issues tend to be with the auto check and warning lights.
> -Peter
> At 06:41 AM 3/13/2007 -0500, Brian Larson wrote:
> >My speedometer quit last week, and before that had been intermittant for
> >about 2 days
> >
> >Is the cluster the most likely culprit, or should I bother swapping senders
> >on the transmission first?
> >
> >I would appreciate any BTDT!
> >Thanks,
> >Brian
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