building boost, but butt dyno says less power

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at
Sat May 9 09:32:49 PDT 2009

what did she run?

yeah, i could see that being an issue. the stock intercooler is pretty small.

if my bench racing calculations are correct, a 200q20v with a chip should be a low 14-high 13 second car. you'd have to launch it pretty hard though. and i'd rather not munch the tranny to get those times.


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> car runs smooth, pulls to redline. just wondering what would contribute to solid boost, but less of a kick in the pants?

I forgot to mention- I took my 200q20v (with IA 3+ chip) to the drag
strip, and times dropped by something like a full second when temps
when from 80-ish to 60-ish over the course of the evening.



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