building boost, but butt dyno says less power

Brett Dikeman brett.dikeman at
Mon May 11 10:04:08 PDT 2009

On Sat, May 9, 2009 at 12:32 PM, robert weinberg
<centaurus3200 at> wrote:
> what did she run?

My memory is bad, but I want to say 13.8-ish?  Trap speed was low to
mid 90's, again, from bad memory.  I might have the time slips buried
somewhere...I think I also took pictures or scanned them, but again,
no idea where they are now.

> yeah, i could see that being an issue. the stock intercooler is pretty small.

Eh....IA and others have said it's good for quite a bit more power.
It is also very ideally located. These cars, with a chip, run a hell
of a lot of boost out of a pretty small turbo, and all turbo cars hate
hot weather.

> if my bench racing calculations are correct, a 200q20v with a chip should be a low 14-high 13 second car.
> you'd have to launch it pretty hard though. and i'd rather not munch the tranny to get those times.

I've driven the snot out of my car every day for years and only had
transmission issues because the passenger front output shaft seal
started to leak (downpipe cooks it) and it was leaking faster than I
thought it was (I was even adding fluid in...ugh.)

The drivetrain in these cars is pretty strong- I wouldn't worry about
it. These aren't Subaru WRX's.

You'll get a big 'jump' in launches simply by raising revs to 2k for
~10 seconds before you launch, and getting the clutch/gas just right.
I've found that there is no point in going for a hard initial launch,
but keeping the revs up results in much more power in 1st through the
rev band.


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