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You might actually want to contact shokan for this, or any used audi guys force 5 also, I paid $5 last time for the factory used mirror and then you retain the heated feature of this, word on the street for the blau sticker is that the heat feature barely works thru it.......however the frost may be done for the season....go from frost in the am to 90 in the pm.

There is an hole in the bottom of the mirror housing and an screw fitting or allen key I don't recall to  remove and replace the glass.

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I got an aftermarket driver's side mirror glass on ebay for I think $6. Fit 
fine and had the adhesive on the back and was tinted the correct color. 
YMMV ;-)
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Hi guys, I am looking for a deal on a pair of door mirror glass lenses for  
my 91 Avant.  If any one has a pair for sale, please let me know.  I  also 
know that Blau has some cheep stick on after market ones.  Does any  one 
have any experience with those?

Pete 91 Avant

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