Valve Cover Gasket

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Mon May 25 12:12:02 PDT 2009


Waaaaay back when, I replaced that gasket too.  Don't remember it  
being successful in stopping the oil seeps from the top of the head.   
Even had a shop do it again several years later with the same results.

I don't remember whether I had to remove the throttle body for some  
reason I think not.  I do however remember the allen head bolts that  
secured the cover being very soft.  Twisted several to their demise  
even at the specified torque value (maybe the wrench needed  


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> I'm about to replace a leaking valve cover gasket on the Avant.
> Am I correct in assuming I need to remove the throttle body?
> There's supposed to be a gasket between the throttle body and the  
> intake.
> Is that a dry gasket I'll be able to reuse or do I need to source  
> that gasket?

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