Valve Cover Gasket

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Mon May 25 17:27:03 PDT 2009

The old one came away with  tear in one spot. I probably could have reused 
it, added in  spot of gasket sealer in the suspect spot. However, I already 
had the new one with me, so I cleaned up the surfaces and put on the new on.

Regarding getting the oil out, a turkey baster to begin with, than paper 
towels at the end of a long reach nose pliers to pick up nearly all of the 
rest. A few remaining drops may have hung around.....

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Did you NEED the new gasket, Alan?

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Correct....the TB has to come off......but I did get a new gasket, and I am
pretty sure it was from SJM.

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Throttle body must come off to get to the last bolt on the VC.
The TB gasket is paper so you should be able to reuse it BTDT.
A new TB gasket will be dealer only.

HTH's Austin

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I'm about to replace a leaking valve cover gasket on the Avant.

Am I correct in assuming I need to remove the throttle body?

There's supposed to be a gasket between the throttle body and the intake.
Is that a dry gasket I'll be able to reuse or do I need to source that
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