Sticking rear calipers and parking brake

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Sun May 31 08:57:23 PDT 2009

The cable shouldn't be pulling so hard on the parking brake actuating lever
that it'll wear through its housing.  You can free up the actuating lever
temporarily and even work a little lube into the caliper, but you've not
solved the problem.  You need to take the caliper apart and clean/relube
the parking brake assembly.  See

On Sat, May 30, 2009 at 11:15 PM, Dave Defferding
<MstrBlastr at> wrote:
> I agree with Bernie, check the cable operation.  I replaced both of mine
> over time, they wear thru at the 90 deg bends near center of body/rear
> and get rusty/stick.  For some time I carried a hammer with me and a pad,
> and knelt down, tapped the return post on the parking brake cam, each time
> the brake was set.  This was especially problematic in the winter.  New
> cables solved the problem.  The return spring on the P-brake is not
> so all parts have to be in good working order for the p-brake to release
> properly.  With the brake cable removed from the P-brake cam, you can turn
> it
> with a vise grip/pliers and test operation of that/lube at same time.
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