Sticking rear calipers and parking brake

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Sun May 31 13:02:28 PDT 2009

Doe what others have said for lubing parts and making sure the p/brake 
mechanism in the caliper isn't sticking.  I did ad a greese fitting to my 
calipers to reduce the number of times needed to take apart to free up the 
works.  I just drilled down thru the center of the rotating piece that the 
lever and cable attach to, and tapped for a greese fitting.  Works great.
Nick  central Ohio
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> Reading a post to the forum from Peter reminded me about my '91 200 TQ
> and persistent sticking rear calipers, usually as a result of the
> parking brake being engaged.  These days, the car is rarely used since
> we live in Manhattan and part of my free parking arrangement through
> work, is that the car cannot be taken out of the garage often.  In my
> area (UWS) it's about $550/month for a parking space.  I've had the
> car since new and the rear calipers and an assortment of problems
> related to the rear brake have occurred at least 4-5 times over the
> years.  Now, to the question, is there any way to re-build/replace the
> OEM rear calipers with something that won't stick.  The front brakes
> were replaced with an big brake kit from 2Bennett in CA.  The rear
> calipers get so stuck from the car sitting for weeks at a time, that I
> have to gun the engine to launch the Audi and unstick the calipers.  I
> try to keep car kept in gear, without the parking brake being set, but
> being that this is Manhattan the garage jockeys on occasion have to
> move it around once in a while, they usually forget my instructions
> and engage the parking brake.  The biggest and most persistent problem
> over the years has been the rear brakes.  Any advice on a recommended
> shop in the NYC area (within 50 miles) that has experience handling
> this type of problem would be appreciated.  A month ago, while on the
> New Jersey Turnpike, the rear brakes started sticking and I guess the
> brake fluid got too hot and basically shut down the brakes, the pedals
> went to the floor without effect.  Waiting an hour resolved the
> problem.  A garage checked over the brakes and nothing had seized but
> they did notice signs of rust--and they recommended that the car be
> driven regularly.  As noted above, that can't happen.
> Scott
> 1991 20V TQ
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