UFO Rotors and Calipers

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 Curious as to what kind of failure would necessitate replacement of the entire front brake system. 

UFO rotors are available from many sources, AutohausAZ comes to mind, about $160 a piece if I recall. Calipers are another deal, not sure where to get them other than The Marketplace or ebay. I've acquired a set that way for future use.

Changing to conventional brakes requires replacement of the entire strut assembly. The calipers would then have to sourced from ?, probably easy to find, rotors from ?, probably easy to find.

Tell us what happened.




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I'm sure this has been asked before, but I'll throw mine into the mix:

Anyone know where I can get a good set of UFO rotors? I'll also need

calipers. My GF had a catastrophic brake failure in the V8 exiting the

highway, and I need to replace the whole shebang.


Of course, given that I have to replace both entire front brake assemblies,

would it be preferential to convert to a conventional setup? What would that









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