UFO Rotors and Calipers

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Well, since you asked.


The GF lives in Asheville, N.C. right now (moving to Texas in January), so I
gave her the V8 to drive through the mountain winter when her last car gave
up the ghost. New snow tires, recent transmission service, plugs, oil,
topped up fluids plus bottles of extra.made sure the car would get her
through until January when we'd get it on a truck to Texas. 


She's not very in tune with cars, and told me a month or so ago that the
brakes were getting mushy. I asked if they were stopping the car OK, if
there were any lights on on the dash, and did she hear anything grinding?
She said the brakes still worked, no lights, and no noise. I told her we'd
get the car in for a brake job with a local Audi guy this week. She was to
take it in Monday during lunch. This happened Monday morning ion her way to


Short story is that the front pads were GONE, and had been gone for a long
time. She had metal-on-metal so long that she wore the rotors down all the
way to the ribs. Pulled a piston out of a caliper, and she was toast. Pedal
went straight to floor, she ran through three red-lights before she got her
wits together enough to put the car into N, and sort of coast to a stop in a
pile of landscape debris. She was quite understandably freaked.


I have not yet seen it, but the dildo at Firestone in Asheville told me the
calipers were both destroyed, brake lines on one side are destroyed
(probably by exiting debris) and the rotors worn clear through to the ribs
on both sides. He then proceeded to tell me it would cost more to fix than
the car was worth, so I should probably just get a new car since this one
was so old. Oh, and this is a REALLY cool motor.


I have a guy I trust that is going to move the car back to the GF's house
and inspect it. I'll know more then, but even though the dildo at Firestone
is a.well, a dildo from Firestone, I asked very specific, targeted questions
and got consistent answers. So my initial opinion is that I'm going to have
to replace the entire front brake system.


She's getting a B5 2.8 30v A4Q. Nice and mild. J


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Curious as to what kind of failure would necessitate replacement of the
entire front brake system. 

UFO rotors are available from many sources, AutohausAZ comes to mind, about
$160 a piece if I recall. Calipers are another deal, not sure where to get
them other than The Marketplace or ebay. I've acquired a set that way for
future use.

Changing to conventional brakes requires replacement of the entire strut
assembly. The calipers would then have to sourced from ?, probably easy to
find, rotors from ?, probably easy to find.

Tell us what happened.




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I'm sure this has been asked before, but I'll throw mine into the mix:

Anyone know where I can get a good set of UFO rotors? I'll also need

calipers. My GF had a catastrophic brake failure in the V8 exiting the

highway, and I need to replace the whole shebang.


Of course, given that I have to replace both entire front brake assemblies,

would it be preferential to convert to a conventional setup? What would that









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