Motor bucks slightly (long)

Brett Dikeman brett.dikeman at
Thu Nov 12 11:49:20 PST 2009

On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 6:07 PM, robert weinberg
<centaurus3200 at> wrote:
> doubt it's the computer. seriously, change all those $18-$35 sensors, one of them is at fault. the ones that are okay are still 18 years old and could crap out at any point. you can change most of them yourself. they are staring right at you when you open the hood.
> i've noticed the audi ECU is not real good at throwing codes. maybe it has too much pride? LOL!

There is no point in changing "all those $18-35 sensors" when the ECU
has self-diagnostics.  Plug in a VAG-COM-like tool and you can see
exactly what values the ECU is seeing for most of the sensors.

Once in a blue moon I had problems with slow starting/rough starts,
and once in a blue moon I had problems with weird throttle behavior;
the symptom I found was that engine braking was odd right near the
throttle rest; it was greater than if I just took my foot off the gas
completely, which was very odd.  Both were rare, and so I never
bothered looking into them.  I seem to recall the throttle stuff only
happened when it was below freezing (I know for sure it happened once
when it was -25 degrees F.)


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