Motor bucks slightly (long)

Brandon Rogers brogers at
Thu Nov 12 14:55:24 PST 2009

With ProDiag (Palm based) it does not really matter, as long as ignition is
on - but if the motor is not running it can trigger insufficient power to
ECU and RPM sensor codes.  I like to pull codes after the car has been
driving - that way if you look at measuring blocks the engine is in normal
mode - not startup enrichment or anything....




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i'm gonna have a friend run the codes with his vagcom software. to confirm,
the engine should be running, correct?


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> doubt it's the computer. seriously, change all those $18-$35 sensors, 
> one of them is at fault. the ones that are okay are still 18 years old 
> and could crap out at any point. you can change most of them yourself. 
> they are staring right at you when you open the hood.
> i've noticed the audi ECU is not real good at throwing codes. maybe it 
> has too much pride? LOL!

There is no point in changing "all those $18-35 sensors" when the ECU has
self-diagnostics.  Plug in a VAG-COM-like tool and you can see exactly what
values the ECU is seeing for most of the sensors.

Once in a blue moon I had problems with slow starting/rough starts, and once
in a blue moon I had problems with weird throttle behavior; the symptom I
found was that engine braking was odd right near the throttle rest; it was
greater than if I just took my foot off the gas completely, which was very
odd.  Both were rare, and so I never bothered looking into them.  I seem to
recall the throttle stuff only happened when it was below freezing (I know
for sure it happened once when it was -25 degrees F.)


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