Sway Bar Bushings on '90 20tq

Ben Swann benswann at verizon.net
Mon Nov 16 18:38:03 PST 2009


Without saying I know exactly for sure, the bushings  that sandwich on each side of the
control arm are interchangeable.

Looks like there was a VIN split at 44K 084 000 which is probably mid year '90.  There
is a different number for the control arms and the bushing clamps, but even the inner
mounts appear to be the same according to ETKA.

I am sure I have interchanged the bushings between 5000's 200's and lat 200's without a
thought.  I know the control arms have a different size hole for the lower ball joint.



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I know this is the second time I copied both lists, but I'm asking for
leniency. I'm up against a time constraint, so I'm spreading the questions
to the larger audience.


And here it is: is the swaybar the same on the 200 for 1989 - 1991? The
reason I ask is that I have sourced pretty much every other part but the
swaybar bushings, and I can only find 1989 or 1991. No 1990 that I can find.


So I'm hoping that they are interchangeable. So I can buy them. Now.  :-)


Pleading Mercy.  Brian]

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