Sway Bar Bushings on '90 20tq

Brian K. Ullrich bullrich at ullrichsys.com
Mon Nov 16 20:37:59 PST 2009

Ben, as usual, very helpful. It does indeed help, and corroborates what I
already thought. My car is an early '90 build (7/89) with a VIN code of
44L1LN01XXXX, so I think I can get the swaybar bushings to work. My biggest
worry was that Audi had changed the diameter or configuration of the swaybar
from year to year, and that the bushings themselves were different.
Different part numbers from Audi for the same part is nothing new to us,
right?  :-)  So, it seems I can use the 21mm bushings I just ordered from


As for the front lower control arms, I think I'm good. New set is on the
way. I'll keep you posted.


I'm excited about this build. It's not exactly how I had envisioned it going
(becoming a daily driver before the MONSTER I hoped it to be), but I would
have had to do these things eventually, and what build/restoration goes
exactly according to plan? SO I solve the driving problems first; get the
base infrastructure solid and dialed in before I make the major engine
changes, coilovers and BBK.


Sometimes, it's little steps.





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Without saying I know exactly for sure, the bushings  that sandwich on each
side of the control arm are interchangeable.

Looks like there was a VIN split at 44K 084 000 which is probably mid year
'90.  There is a different number for the control arms and the bushing
clamps, but even the inner mounts appear to be the same according to ETKA.

I am sure I have interchanged the bushings between 5000's 200's and lat
200's without a thought.  I know the control arms have a different size hole
for the lower ball joint.


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