Sway Bar Bushings on '90 20tq

Brian K. Ullrich bullrich at ullrichsys.com
Mon Nov 16 20:55:23 PST 2009

Bernie, I apologize for the confusion. As I stated, I was hoping to appeal
to a wider audience. I should have been more specific about my dilemma:

In short, I own a 1990 200tq 10v, which seems to fit more of the 200q20v
list. I also know that many of our listers on the V8 list are familiar with
these cars. So...therefore my posting covered those lists.

My interest is in my 1990 200tq 10v, and has to do with whether the swaybar
bushings are interchangeable with the 1989 - 1991 models.

Thanks for clarifying.

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"asking for leniency"! Check your subject line! Looks like you should  
be posting on the 90Q-20V list.
Further, nowhere do you specifically identify the year or model of  
your car.

Again, you're not specific. Is your interest the rubber bushings  
anchoring the bar to the sub frame, or bushings to the lower control  
arm? If the former, these are easily tightened by inserting a hard  
shim between the rubber and the SF to further load the rubber  
bushing. BTDT.

FYI, the 200Q-20V uses a 26mm front anti sway bar. Don't know about  
the 200 10V models.


On Nov 16, 2009, at 5:02 PM, Brian K. Ullrich wrote:

> I know this is the second time I copied both lists, but I'm asking for
> leniency. I'm up against a time constraint, so I'm spreading the  
> questions
> to the larger audience.
> And here it is: is the swaybar the same on the 200 for 1989 - 1991?  
> The
> reason I ask is that I have sourced pretty much every other part  
> but the
> swaybar bushings, and I can only find 1989 or 1991. No 1990 that I  
> can find.
> So I'm hoping that they are interchangeable. So I can buy them.  
> Now.  :-)
> Pleading Mercy.  Brian
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