OT : all seasons for A4?

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If she is expected to drive in the snow then I would go with studded snows,if she doesn't work or go out when its snowing then no need. if you use put them on late enough and take them off soon enough you should get several years out of them making the $:safety ratio not an issue.  I also ran the green diamonds which are a great alternative to studs.  To put it in perspective, for the hill I live on, the 20v with all seasons is equal to my front wheel drive TDI with studded snows. The 20v with studded snows can only be stopped by it's lack of clearance in deep heavier snow.....that being said my main concern with the NE winters these days is ice not snow...we seem to have a lot more mixed precip and freezing rain than we used to.  This is the main reason I don't fool around anymore without studs. I know the a4 is car more inline with allseasons than a 20v....which beg for a nice set of summer performance tires.....but why risk your wife's well being on a patch of black ice over a few hundred $ ????   now my EX-wife who lives in woodstock VT I recommend summer tires to.   ;-)

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Folks. wife's new (er) A4 needs tires and I was debating just getting a good All season set and calling it good, instead of a winter wheel set, and a summer wheel set (Vermont).
But, I'm starting to wonder if any tire in 235/17 could possibly work well in any snow.  In the past on the good 'ole Subaru, I only ran all seasons and lived in NH without problems.  
But they were 195's
I got a set of studs/wheels with my 20v so I've no experience with larger all seasons.
Any input from experience?
Yes, for the relatively low price I should probably just get the snows for her, but if I go that way on every decision I make, we'd be broke!

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