OT : all seasons for A4?

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You've got an alternate tire size that you could use, 215/50-17 but it might
be too narrow for your wheels.  I've got 225/50-17 on some 2004 A4 17's and
they still bulge out a bit.  Tire Rack list acceptable mounting widths for
each size tire.  It's a good shopping tool whether you buy from them or not.

"Good all season" is a bit of an oxymoron.  I'd be more inclined to suggest
that you get a winter tire that does okay year-round.  Nokian has one that's
described as an extreme all-season.  It has the snowflake symbol.  They're
expensive, but then again, you're asking a lot of a tire to use it year

I have some Hankook Winter iPike W409 winter tires on my 91 Avant and ran
them through the summer one year.  Didn't do too badly here in Colorado
where it does get good and warm in the summer.  It's still a trade off

Can you get some 16-inch A4 wheels that will fit your vehicle?  That would
allow you to cater to snow and not spend as much on tires.  Even hear in
sunny Colorado I had a separate set for winter and summer.  Some say it's
overkill, but I want the confidence.


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Folks. wife's new (er) A4 needs tires and I was debating just getting a good
All season set and calling it good, instead of a winter wheel set, and a
summer wheel set (Vermont). But, I'm starting to wonder if any tire in
235/17 could possibly work well in any snow.  In the past on the good 'ole
Subaru, I only ran all seasons and lived in NH without problems.  
But they were 195's
I got a set of studs/wheels with my 20v so I've no experience with larger
all seasons. Any input from experience? Yes, for the relatively low price I
should probably just get the snows for her, but if I go that way on every
decision I make, we'd be broke!

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