OT : all seasons for A4?

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Wed Nov 18 08:34:40 PST 2009

I personally feel all-seasons are a complete waste if you live in a snowy
climate.  They are decent in dry and decent in snow but not really good or
great anywhere. IMO, having two sets of tires does not really cost that much
more over the life of the car because you are only wearing down 1 set at a
time.  Extra cost is the cost to swap tires or the extra set of wheels (and
swap wheel sets yourself) - which is really the way to go if you own the car
for a long time.  Now, I can see the argument for all-season in the summer
as they are cheaper than high performance summer tires that wear quickly -
but I want my wife to have good tires in the snow - especially!  There are
some good snows for very reasonable prices - although every tire in 17" is
more expensive.  A bigger upfront cost that should save money in the long
run would be to pick up a set of 16" (or even 15" if they will fit) winter
wheels - which I assume will fit) as these will have significantly lower
tire prices - then just swap them over every yourself.

My .02 from Denver


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Folks. wife's new (er) A4 needs tires and I was debating just getting a good
All season set and calling it good, instead of a winter wheel set, and a
summer wheel set (Vermont). But, I'm starting to wonder if any tire in
235/17 could possibly work well in any snow.  In the past on the good 'ole
Subaru, I only ran all seasons and lived in NH without problems.  
But they were 195's
I got a set of studs/wheels with my 20v so I've no experience with larger
all seasons. Any input from experience? Yes, for the relatively low price I
should probably just get the snows for her, but if I go that way on every
decision I make, we'd be broke!

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