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But the Blau kit has the Beru wires, Bosch cap and what I assume to be F5DPOR plugs. So I don't think the RockAuto prices are a fair comparison.

Let us know how the parts you bought work out. I'd be willing to buy the same too if they function well.

Can't beat $40 spark plug wires ;)

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If you do buy the kit from Blau, keep in mind they will probably send you the wrong
rotor and wrong plugs. BTDT..... maybe they've improved though.  Bob

OK - Here is what I ended up ordering at less than half the cost of the Blau kit -
Some parts were closeout so I got two caps and Rotors.

    Part Number    Part Type    Price EA    Core EA    Quantity    Total    
1991 AUDI 200 QUATTRO 20V 2.2L 2226cc L5 FI Turbo (E) [3B]

BOSCH    04170
Turbo%20(E)%20[3B]_Distributor%20Rotor_1007288_7136>     Distributor Rotor    $ 4.77
$ 0.00    2    $ 9.54    
BOSCH    03239
Turbo%20(E)%20[3B]_Distributor%20Cap_1007288_7120>     Distributor Cap
Wholesaler Closeout -- 30 Day Warranty    $ 11.45    $ 0.00    2    $ 22.90    
DENSO    6715002 (671-5002)
Turbo%20(E)%20[3B]_Spark%20Plug%20Wire%20Set_1007288_7228>     Spark Plug Wire Set
$ 41.79    $ 0.00    1    $ 41.79    
DENSO    5310
Turbo%20(E)%20[3B]_Spark%20Plug_1007288_7212>     Spark Plug    $ 8.01    $ 0.00    5
$ 40.05    
Shipping Location 1    Ground (FedEx or UPS)                    $ 6.98    
Shipping Location 2    Ground (FedEx or UPS)                    $ 7.07    
Order Total                        $ 128.33    

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I think this is the best deal if you want a full kit:

Wires only:
@Audi&modelid=1007288 at 200
QUATTRO TURBO&year=1991&cid=25 at Ignition Parts&gid=7228 at Spark Plug Wire Set

Others may know of cheaper alternatives.


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What sources for plug wires  - both aftermarket and OEM. Looking for either good price
on OEM replacement, or if any improved version available, I'd be interested.

Probably need Cap, and Rotor too  - who has best pricing on OEM replacement components.
Not chinese knockoffs!

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