Throwing in the towel (column lock switch)

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******** Audifans listers see below follow-up request for information on steering column
lock *******

The ignition switch itself is easy to replace on the Type 44.  See Al'S's tips at ++++
bottom email++++
My problem is with the column lock that I believe requires removal of the steering
column or portions thereof.  

My column swith has been left unrepaired now for over a year.  
I simply use a screwdriver to turn the ignition switch module that is now hanging, wire
tied below the key.  
It can be replaced, and I figure the better part of a day that I simply have allocated
when nothing else is pressing - means I'll probably never get to it.  Se la vi!

The key still operates the column lock.  I have toyed with ideas like a push button
switch for starter and ignition enable toggle - this would be easier to install than to
do the ultimate fix.  




If any lister has real-world experience on how much time/effort is required to replace
the column lock assembly on the Type 44 - '91 2Ctqa specifically - Please advise.

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Hi Ben,

I hope this email address is still good.  
I have a no start condition, but jumpered to solenoid and car started ok, 
key in switch feels/operates flaky so have diagnosed that need to replace ignition
My question is did anyone reply to your message below about not removing the column??   
At this point in the car's life I'm not worried about theft so thinking that removing
the column lock would be a good thing.

Have a good Thanksgiving!

Dave D
'91 200Q w 143K on the clock.

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Getting the ignition switch out is fairly easy - once you know to remove the 
paint the is covering the little screw that holds it in - otherwise you will bust it.

If anyone knows how to get the steering column lock mechanism that the key 
controls and "talks" to the switch  - without pulling the steering column out, I'd like 
to know.
What happened on mine is there is a little flat piece of metal that broke off.  
This metal is an extension of the ignition key and is part of the lock mechanism. 
Bentley suggest column has to come out.  Any BTDT or easier way to swap out this - 
the steering column lock mechanism.

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There are two screws that hold the ign. switch to the Key/tumbler assy. 
The screws are under some soft wax-like stuff. 
Scratch it out and use a small flat head screwdriver and back them out, 
enough to allow the electrical switch to slide back and away.
What Frank is talking about is for the removal of the turn signal/light stalk assembly. 
It has nothing to do with removing the tumbler from the metal tube that attaches to the
steering column.

Al] ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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