Dash lights out?

Ben Swann benswann at verizon.net
Mon Nov 23 16:03:11 PST 2009


The beating on the dash might actually work - for awhile, but not a fix ;-(

I recently had a similar outage.  Two things of note.

1) the ignition switch can flake out connection to this circuit as there is a separate
connection going off to that part of the electronic in the car.. I noticed this when I
was playing with my ignition switch and trying to diagnose AC power feed problem
(climate control), and ..

This leads to ..

2) there is a fuse that controls that part of the world and may simply be the fuse - I
don't have Bentley on hand, but if you trace power feed back from instrument cluster you
will find the specific fuse that powers dash lights and I believe interior and console
lighting too.  Or simply look at the fuse box cover - should be the one for AC
controller and dash lighting.

Try that.


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My latest issue with my 200 20v...I was driving along everything was fine, taking off
from a light I killed the car, I started it back up and no more dash lights.? The dash
lights are all out, the autocheck/radio display still lights up though. Also, now with
the lights on there is no display or lighting on the climate control, when I turn the
lights off I can read the?temperature display.?All the gauges and climate control work,
I just can't see them a t night.
On?a side note, I've recently put H&R springs in my car, and I have never had so many
bulbs going out, and electrical issues, I think the car is getting rattled apart!!!?

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