Oh, yum, yum! Slurrrp, drool! ...well, maybe

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 23 17:06:02 PST 2009

i think the car is worth a fair amount more than $4,000 if it has 75k original miles, the IA3+ even if it didn't have full records. must have no rust though.

it's one of those things where 200q20v's are getting so cheap - perhaps too cheap given their rarity. and how many avants are even left in the US? 250?

i'm biased as i have a 200q20v sedan that's had a fair amount of work done to it. i paid $2,800 for it before the recession started, it had 110k, california car with faded lago paint (on the roof). it still needs some more work and paint.

so, being you see sorta rough 200q20v's going for $2k. the even if you do your own labor, all the crap that's undoubtedly wrong with said $2k 20V will cost you THOUSANDS of dollars in parts. and if you can't wrench yourself, do NOT even think about buying a 20V that needs TLC - you will buried in repair costs in no time. jsut buy one that's already done (or always maintained) and avoid the hassle.

with that said - $14,500 is pretty optimistic. if the car is perfectly maintained, needs nothing and has 75k with an IA3+ - $8,500 seems fair. your $7,500 is not insulting.

that wagon if it is what he says it is, would rip off a late 13 second quarter mile pass and embarass many new luxry cars with regards to perfgormance, materials and fit and finish. that's gotta be worth something. not to mention being a very rare and cool looking vintage audi.

see ya,

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I wonder if anyone else has seen the "feeler" on the Audifans for sale page.
A 1991 200 20valve Avant with 75,000 miles?

The feeler is from someone feeling about for his friend.  Ah, huh.  Well,
perhaps.  The asking price on the header is over fourteen grand, but the
purpose is to sample the market.

If the car is real, it would be yummy providing it hasn't ever been hit and
there are some reasonable service records.  Bear in mind that about three or
four years ago there was a one owner 200 20valve Avant that was sold by the
dealer in Naples, Florida for $5500.  I called one half hour too late on
that car, but was told that the car was an original one owner taken in trade
by some people who had move to Florida from up north someplace.  That car
was burgundy over tan.  

The car that has prompted this is Lago over black.  My thoughts are that if
the car is the real deal, has ALL the service records from day one, and can
be verified as accident free and in PERFECT condition, it might be worth
$7500, and that is supposing that it doesn't need a timing belt right and
all that jazz right now.

But if the car has ANY northern history at all, or if the service records
are not intact, or primarily from Joe's Shade Tree Garage, deduct $3500.



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