Re..Stumbling under acceleration...oil in plug wells

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Tue Nov 24 05:53:13 PST 2009

Right Dan - probably is just the cam cover gasket and certainly not a big job.   AFAIK
it is the original with 130k miles on it and now showing age with 3 bar of pressure!
As best as I can tell, the tips were dry and the oil on the plugs got on while removing
them.  Was a bit scary at first.


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 I don't think this should be complicated. Just replace your valve cover gaskets
including the half moon seals(use a sealant of your choice around leak prone areas such
as corners). It's very cheap and I'm sure it is leaking since it's probably pretty old.
I did mine very recently too. When was the last time you replaced it?
When you take the plugs out you should be able to tell if the oil is coming from the top
or bottom. The tips themselves should not be wet, just the top and maybe the threads
since the oil seeps under there when you take them out. Once you have replaced the
gaskets and cleaned everything up you can take your plugs out again and check them for
peace of mind. If then you see oil on the tips, I would worry.



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Cross posting here from 200 list, but Oil in the plug wells describes exactly what  I
experienced on my 3b avant..Seems there has been a lot of this lately..
[ I found oil in several of the spark plug holes when I removed the wires.  When I
removed the plugs, there was a generous coating of oil on the threads and plug in
general.  I don't know if the oil was from the hole or actually from inside the
combustion chamber.

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