200 20V Avant FS

Roger Woodbury rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com
Tue Nov 24 07:36:58 PST 2009

I know of a '91 200 20Valve Avant for sale.  The car is white pearl with
black comfort interior that appears to be in very good condition. This is a
two owner car, the last owner being a middle aged woman who seldom drove in
anything resembling traffic.

The car appears to be in good condition cosmetically, but there is some
corrosion on the lower part of the hatch which is pretty common. Not severe,
but there will need to be some paint work done on the car if it is to be

About 170,000 miles.  Located in mid-coast Maine.  Price is unknown.

I stopped to see the car because I HAD TO....but I have no connection to the
car and have no interest in the car myself.  If anyone wants further
information, I will attempt to get it, but it is located around 50 miles
from me, and I don't normally go in that direction unless there is good
reason to do so.

Posted here as a matter of interest.  I believe the car is box stock, and
according to the owner's husband, the car ran exceedingly well when parked.
The car was parked because it was going to need new front
brakes...UFOs...and they figured that it was time for a new car for the lady
driver.  She bought a Hondoyota thing or something to replace it.


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