Oil on spark plugs [ re. Plug Wires ]

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Brittleness is significant !!!

When I replaced my gasket three years ago, it resembled crumbling plastic. 
Originally when I started getting oil in the top of my plug chambers, I 
tried tightening all the valve cover bolts. This seemed to make a small 
difference in the amount, but the oil leakage continued, and continued to 
get worse over time.

I also found that the two plug chambers  filled with oil were the most 
likely to get fouled plugs...whereas previously the plugs could go 


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> Is brittleness significant? I think not. Maybejust lost all of its
> applied compressive clamping force.
> Bernie
> On Nov 23, 2009, at 8:29 PM, John Lagnese wrote:
>> That gasket must be quite brittle.
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>> I found oil in several of the spark plug holes when I removed the
>> wires.
>> When I removed
>> the plugs, there was a generous coating of oil on the threads and
>> plug in
>> general.  I
>> don't know if the oil was from the hole or actually from inside the
>> combustion chamber.
>> From my best guess, the oil came in through the valve cover gaskets
>> round
>> rubber rings
>> that separate the cam cover from the head.  I had been running 3
>> bar since
>> last fall and
>> up to 25 PSI prior, so perhaps there is additional pressure getting
>> in the
>> cam cover.
>> The engine had developed a miss that at first was barely noticable and
>> progressed to
>> generally poor driveability overall. The cleanup of oil and plug
>> swap has
>> engine running
>> great again.
>> I am wondering if this is typical  - engine has about 140k miles on
>> original
>> valve cover
>> gasket.
>> Ben
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>> Oil getting in where?
>> Bernie
>> On Nov 23, 2009, at 4:16 PM, Ben Swann wrote:
>>> FYI - thought I had scored the "deal", but as kind of expected, the
>>> wires I received were for a 10V.  Still a good buy, but I did not
>>> need
>>> another new set of these. Might have one set to sell.  I'll probably
>>> just return since wires do not appear to be bad.
>>> The rotors also were incorrect - I think we expected that.
>>> Plugs are right on - not the original Bosch, but these look every bit
>>> as good and I had NKG similar ones before.  I found a lot of oil
>>> around several plug wires, and electrodes coated with oil,
>>> cleaning up
>>> the old plugs  did the trick to get rid of hesitation problem I had,
>>> but installed the new ones.
>>> Should be correct cap, but was sent in separate shipment, so don't
>>> know yet.
>>> Also, I failed to mention the order was from RockAuto.com
>>> Now I need to figure out why so much oil is getting in there - I
>>> suspect coming through the valve cover gasket.
>>> Ben
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