200q20v - broken windshield

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 25 14:13:04 PST 2009

man, every time i think i have the car in order enough to paint it, some weird crap like a rock comes flying and cracks the windshield ;-)

does anyone in the san francisco bay area know of a good but affordable glass shop that carries Sigla OEM glass? i took the car on a wild goose chase today to the place that replaced the quarter window in my daily driver nissan sentra. US autoglass depot in hayward. nice people, but first they quoted $169 for sigla glass. which, i figured was way too good to be true. it ends up being some off-brand, like GGN or something for $239. they carry pilkington, but were adamant that they don't make glass for the 200. which is odd, because they do for my wife's A4.

i was still willing to give it a shot until they said the replacement glass doesn't have the polished stainless trim - which seemed like it would look stupid with rubber trim filling the gap where the stainless was supposed to be?

anyway, i decided to do more research by looking to your opinions. go with the off-brad glass with the rubber trim or look for a shop that can replace with OEM glass. or is that going to cost $500+?



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