Re. Throwing in the towel (column lock switch)

Ben Swann benswann at
Wed Nov 25 15:30:38 PST 2009


No question - it sheared a long time ago and I have just been using a screwdriver in the
switch that is hanging to start the car.

I was enquiring about the level of difficulty and time it take to replace the steering
lock column portion of the switch assembly.

Apparantly it is not as difficult as I originally thought - perhaps a Turkey Day job!

Dave was enquiring about how to replace the actual switch  - that is a piece of cake in

Cheers!   All have a great Tday!


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It sounds like the pot metal connection between the key and the switch is 
the culprit in your case, as it has been recently manifesting itself in my 
car (and it's really getting worse). <SNIP>]

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