Oil on spark plugs [ re. Plug Wires ]

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I gotta say that as much of a cheapskate I am, and often agree with your solutions for
fixes and DFIIIAB philosophy, to re-use a brittle valve cover gasket just seems to be a
big waste of time.  These gaskets are inexpensive and the real cost I would presume is
the labor or ones time.

I have become more of late one to pay upfront for new good parts than to be doing
multiple repairs with used parts, and I would not reuse a brittle gasket or one that had
a leak problem.

Fix it once and fix it right!


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My point is one replaces them because they leak, not because they are  
brittle, which one won?t know about until you?re into it. I?ve reused  
old intact gaskets with Si caulk on each side, still going. But most  
often I just replace the flat gasket portions with Si caulk.


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