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Dan Bozga audisport44 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 28 19:37:47 PST 2009

I think it depends on who does it. When I had the windshield replaced on my '02 S4 the guy took it out in one piece without damaging it at all. 
I actually provided all the parts including trim and glass (OEM from Audi) and just paid the guy for the labor. Now that I know how it's done I will probably do it myself next time around if it comes to that. 

As a matter of fact, after I saw how it's done I decided to tackle a Porsche 968 windshield on my own. I used this tool:


You insert it wherever you're more comfortable(on the outside) and slowly start cutting the silicone all around the glass until it's free. I was able to save all the trim on the and reused it. It gets a little tricky where the hood corners get close to the window but with some patience you'll be able to cut that area too.

I'd say to check out the dealership for the trim pieces and maybe buy the glass itself from the place that will install it. For the 200 it might be cheaper that way than it was for my B5 S4. Still, checking dealer prices won't hurt, once in a blue moon you'll be surprised. It did however help that I was working for the dealer at the time. Not a huge discount but better than nothing...

I just remembered that I had a windshield done on a '96 240SX as well not that long ago and they took that glass out too in one piece and it was done by a different place. I guess the ones that break it either don't have the patience/skill or are working on cars that may be harder to take out in one piece. Keep in mind that they don't want to waste time taking a broken glass out nicely or saving any trim. Either do it yourself and that way you can take your time and take it out nicely or get someone experienced and ask them to salvage your existing parts. The cost of installing might be a little more though for their extra time.
Don’t know, never DIYed a windshield. But when I’ve had several  
replaced with OEM glass at local glass shops they told me that they  
had to order the trim as a seperate part. Glass shops will never try  
to remove glass in one piece to save it of trim, they just break it  
out. But it can be done with a tight wire cutter.


On Nov 28, 2009, at 9:30 AM, robert weinberg wrote:

> Thanks Bernie,
> i've been looking around - does anybody know where to get the  
> stainless trim kit? or at least the clips if it's possible to reuse  
> the existing trim?
> i'm wondering if i can reuse the existing trim on the aftermarket  
> windsheld. you'd think if the window is meant to fit on the car,  
> the trim should fit on the windhshield, eh?
> Robby
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> I believe that the chrome trim is a sperate Audi part number,  
> doesn’t come with any glass.
> Bernie
> On Nov 25, 2009, at 2:13 PM, robert weinberg wrote:
> > man, every time i think i have the car in order enough to paint  
> it, some weird crap like a rock comes flying and cracks the  
> windshield ;-)
> >
> > does anyone in the san francisco bay area know of a good but  
> affordable glass shop that carries Sigla OEM glass? i took the car  
> on a wild goose chase today to the place that replaced the quarter  
> window in my daily driver nissan sentra. US autoglass depot in  
> hayward. nice people, but first they quoted $169 for sigla glass.  
> which, i figured was way too good to be true. it ends up being some  
> off-brand, like GGN or something for $239. they carry pilkington,  
> but were adamant that they don't make glass for the 200. which is  
> odd, because they do for my wife's A4.
> >
> > i was still willing to give it a shot until they said the  
> replacement glass doesn't have the polished stainless trim - which  
> seemed like it would look stupid with rubber trim filling the gap  
> where the stainless was supposed to be?
> >
> > anyway, i decided to do more research by looking to your  
> opinions. go with the off-brad glass with the rubber trim or look  
> for a shop that can replace with OEM glass. or is that going to  
> cost $500+?
> >
> > thanks,
> > Robby
> >
> >
> >
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