All Road?

Kent McLean kentmclean at
Sun Nov 29 14:18:24 PST 2009

Roger Woodbury wrote:
> He said that the All Road was a very nice car to buy or lease new, but when
> it was out of warranty, it was an excellent car for someone else to have to
> worry about.

All add to that.  Since the car is for your wife, what does *she* want? She may 
be happy with a Subaru, and blending in with the locals. You may be happy with 
the Subaru's low maintenance costs (compared to an Audi). And you still have 
*your* Audi, right?

A new Audi is a wonderful and expensive car. And old Audi is a wonderful and 
expensive car to maintain. If you don't need wonderful and expensive, why go 
looking for trouble?

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