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I'm happy with my 05 allroad.

I got my '05 Allroad in March of 2008.  A 2.7 Biturbo w Tiptronic 6 speed
auto with 59k miles; a lease return, from a dealer in Appleton WI, for $20k.
My lengthy research led me to avoid the 2001 to 2004 models; proven out by
the recent ratings in Consumer Reports 2010 annual ratings publication.  I'm
happy and have had zero unscheduled maintenance costs.  Oil changes are
every 15k miles and synthetic only.   No unusual tire wear, although my Audi
service advisor strongly suggested keeping the adjustable suspension at the
#2  level since I do only city and freeway driving.  I also own two '91
Audis, both quattros, one being the 200 20V the other a 100 10 valve model.
I love all of them and appreciate the level of safety and reliability they
provide, but especially appreciate this Allroad with it's low cost to

We live in the Twin Cities, quattro is a necessity.   Wife loves driving the
Audis, but now prefers the automatic shift of the Allroad.   Neither of us
has ever been stranded by the side of the road when driving our Audis in 18
years of ownership.   I firmly believe in running quality tires, including
all weather Nokians primarily for winter driving, and keeping the brake
system professionally maintained.  I have found trustworthy and reliable
non-dealer service technicians in my area.   I use them for the two '91s,
and the Allroad is serviced by the local Audi dealer because it has the Audi
extended warranty to 100k miles, it now has 70k.  I have not had to use the
warranty and may not need to.  

Gordy in St Paul
05 allroad, 2.7T, Tiptronic, 70k miles
91 200 TQ Avant, 120k miles
91 100 10V, sedan, 5 spd, 246k miles
96 Ford E150 351 V8, conversion van, 145k miles

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Has anyone owned an Audi allroad?  Of specific interest are 2004 and  
2005 models.  I've had my '91 200 v since new and now that it looks  
like we'll finally be escaping Manhattan for Vermont, I'm keeping it  
and I'll finally be able to use it as a daily driver.  However my wife  
will need a car (no standard shift for her) and I was thinking of  
another Audi.  I'm probably out of my mind for considering another  
Audi since I'm no wrencher and my 200 has had its share of problems,  
but they've all be resolved and EVERYTHING (with the exception of the  
rear seat cigarette lighter plug) works.  In 2005 a dealer gave me an  
allroad as a loaner (they weren't that generous when considering what  
I ended up paying in repairs for the 200) and I really enjoyed the  
allroad.  I was thinking that it would be a great car for the wife.  I  
know a Honda or Subaru would be incredibly less expensive to maintain,  
but I'm tempted to go with another Audi.  I won't start a collection  
of Audis like some of you, my 200 I've had nearly 19 years and it's  
the only Audi I've had.  So, if any of you have some comments/ 
experience to pass along about the allroads, send me a PM.  Thanks.
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