intermittent charge issue- revisited

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Thu Oct 1 06:32:02 PDT 2009

So, after looking into this a bit, I find that there is a specific warning 
on these (AL179x) remans from Bosch indicating that they may suffer 
intermittent charging during wet weather.
"Notes: 110 Amp BEFORE installing this alternator, refer to Application 
Notice #B-85 in the Bosch reman catalog regarding charging problems during 
wet weather."

I've got a bosch reman unit in the 200 and never had a problem.

Has any one else experienced this?   The issue started during wet weather, 
but when it finally essentially quit during a trip (requiring a tow), it was 
a dry sunny morning (after a long wet night of attempted driving).  It has 
been fine ever since.

Full disclosure here - this unit is on an NF engine in my Vanagon syncro. 
I'm wondering if the fact that the alt is mounted backwards and low at the 
rear of the vehicle is subjecting it to more water, and thus problems.  Of 
course the alt I replaced never had a problem and it was the same unit - 
though not a reman!
I don't have the cover on the alt, but am thinking of putting it on there 
now, but need to make sure I can get good air flow.


>> Folks, I'm experiencing an intermittent charge with a newly installed 
>> Al179x alternator.  (Bosch remanufactured)
>> Primarily after some time on the highway - and then after "cooling off" 
>> for a while (on the side of the road, or rest area) it works for some 
>> time - though that seems to be getting more variable.
>> Swapping the voltage reg. had no change, and I confirmed that there was 
>> no charging  after the warning light came on.
>> Anyone ever have a faulty "new" alternator?
>> Could it be something else?   I'm relatively confident it is not an 
>> intermittent igniter circuit.
>> Thanks
>> Nat
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