intermittent charge issue- revisited

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Thu Oct 1 07:45:07 PDT 2009

My recent problem first surfaced during heavy rain
on the highway. I had my alternator rebuilt. The
tech said it was shorted out. This may be why.

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  >So, after looking into this a bit, I find that
  there is a specific warning
  >on these (AL179x) remans from Bosch indicating
  that they may suffer
  >intermittent charging during wet weather.
  >"Notes: 110 Amp BEFORE installing this
  alternator, refer to Application
  >Notice #B-85 in the Bosch reman catalog regarding
  charging problems during
  >wet weather."
  >I've got a bosch reman unit in the 200 and never
  had a problem.
  >Has any one else experienced this? The issue
  started during wet weather,
  >but when it finally essentially quit during a
  trip (requiring a tow), it was
  >a dry sunny morning (after a long wet night of
  attempted driving). It has
  >been fine ever since.
  >Full disclosure here - this unit is on an NF
  engine in my Vanagon syncro.
  >I'm wondering if the fact that the alt is mounted
  backwards and low at the
  >rear of the vehicle is subjecting it to more
  water, and thus problems. Of
  >course the alt I replaced never had a problem and
  it was the same unit -
  >though not a reman!
  >I don't have the cover on the alt, but am
  thinking of putting it on there
  >now, but need to make sure I can get good air
  >>> Folks, I'm experiencing an intermittent charge
  with a newly installed
  >>> Al179x alternator. (Bosch remanufactured)
  >>> Primarily after some time on the highway - and
  then after "cooling off"
  >>> for a while (on the side of the road, or rest
  area) it works for some
  >>> time - though that seems to be getting more
  >>> Swapping the voltage reg. had no change, and I
  confirmed that there was
  >>> no charging after the warning light came on.
  >>> Anyone ever have a faulty "new" alternator?
  >>> Could it be something else? I'm relatively
  confident it is not an
  >>> intermittent igniter circuit.
  >>> Thanks
  >>> Nat
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