afterrun coolant pump

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at
Thu Oct 1 10:50:53 PDT 2009

hi all, teach me about my car. i want to make sure the coolant afterun system is working correctly.

i pulled up to my driveway, turned the 200 off after driving back from Mill valley in traffic. the fan does NOT come on when the engine is off. it DOES come on when driving the car.

i opened the hood, i hear a bunch of "gurgling" noises and see that the
coolant level in the tank is getting lower. put my hand on the afterun
pump and can barely feel it humming. put my hand on a hose connected to
it and can DEFINITELY feel it humming.

and the coolant is being circulated as i can hear the various gurgling
sounds and see the coolant lower through the process by looking at the

so, is it working correctly? or should the aux fan be on as well?

i know on the S4, the fan does NOT come on all the time - BUT not sure about the 200q20v.

see ya,


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