3 spoke steering wheel converstion

Austin Calise yoda_audi at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 6 16:50:03 PDT 2009

You need column covers from a 95 90 with the late airbag wheel. The rest is just trimming and grafting the horn cancel ring to the clock spring. Have pics if u have time to look at them. Also you need a spacer if you don't want hulk arms.


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Subject: 3 spoke steering wheel converstion
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Hi I purchased a 3 spoke Audi Sport Steering Wheel out of a 1996 A4. I thought I saved the write up on this but can only find 5 pictures and no text on Photo Bucket.? The airbag connector is OK and the horn wire needs a new spade lug. That is what I have found so far. Would someone confirm that the Audi 90 steering column trim will replace the 200 trim. Also do?the 3 metal studs that held the lower column trim need to be ground down? Any other tips? I need the car in a few days so I would like to finish it soon. Thanks to everyone who helps keep these great cars going........................Richard 1991 200 20v Avant
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