camshaft oil seal plus belt tracking

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Sun Oct 18 16:28:42 PDT 2009

You have a pulley out of alignment somewhere!


On Oct 18, 2009, at 3:27 PM, Kneale Brownson wrote:

> Thanks, Tony.  Got it in with that tool and a longer bolt.  Not  
> good at
> hammering straight, so using the bolt to pull it in works more
> comfortably for me.
> Now I have a tracking problem with the belt:  It wants to run to the
> outside of the camshaft and water pump pulleys so it sticks out maybe
> 3-3.5mm as measured from the camshaft pulley outside surface.  I can
> line it up and wind the engine over a half dozen times with a  
> wrench and
> it works its way out about that far.  I tried putting on the plastic
> upper cover, to see if it would rub that way, and it DOES rub, but the
> cover pushes it back into alignment on the  camshaft pulley.
> It's a Conti belt.   Is this just wear-in stuff?  Will it stretch and
> straighten out eventually?  Belt has been wound up in its original box
> for a couple years.
> Tony Hoffman wrote:
>> I always use a socket that lines up with the outside diameter of the
>> seal. Done hunderds (if not thousands) this way, always with great
>> results. Just carefully hold the seal and socket square with the
>> surface when first hammering it in. You can also use grease on the
>> outside, to aid it sliding in.
>> However, if you want to use the tool, a longer bolt will work for it.
>> I know the tool you are talking about, I have one specific for doing
>> the rear crank seal on an air cooled VW engine. Works pretty well,  
>> but
>> for the smaller seals I like the socket way much better.
>> Tony
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