No start after TB????

Kneale Brownson kneale at
Wed Oct 21 09:11:48 PDT 2009

With a freshly charged battery this a.m., the engine would spin quickly, 
but still no start.  I got a couple backfires and then quit.  I pulled 
the plugs--#1 had a little fuel on it, the rest smelled of fuel (these 
are new plugs), one through four had some black stuff on them, but #5 
has none--looks almost like it isn't firing or isn't getting fuel, but 
it smells of fuel.

I've confirmed that the plug wires follow the firing order around the 

I've rechecked the other connections in the engine bay and can't find 
anything loose.

Next step, I guess, is recheck the timing belt timing.  I'm correct, 
aren't I, that the camshaft pulley's dot only aligns with the V mark on 
the valve cover at TDC?   Even if I'm wrong, the new belt went on with 
the same alignment of crank and cam pulleys as the old one.

Can I loosen the waterpump just enough to remove the belt without losing 
the $25 worth of Autobahn coolant I just put in?

Kneale Brownson wrote:
> Got the car buttoned up after the new timing belt ran on track (idler 
> pulley reset straight), and I get no start.
> Got an almost start  before the battery, which has been sitting for 
> several weeks, started going low.  Charged it up and used the charger 
> boost to augment starter operation.  Engine spun a lot faster, backfired 
> once and no start.
> Camshaft and crankshaft orientation remained unchanged throughout the 
> belt replacement procedure.  Used the locker to take the bolt loose.  
> Both cam and crank moved a degree or two when belt was untensioned, but 
> stayed that way until I put the belt back on.  Had to move the 
> crank--and cam--slightly to get the tool back on, but ended up with the 
> cam pulley dot aligned the same with the arrow on the valve cover as it 
> had been when I loosened everything.  My TDC "gauge" in the front 
> cylinder lined up at the mark I've used on it to do several other TBs, 
> and every time I spun the engine by hand, it still came up to the mark 
> when the cam pulley dot lined up.
> The other things:  I replaced the spark plugs with new correct plugs.  I 
> had the throttle body off to try to fix an air leak at its mating with 
> the intake manifold I discovered earlier with a pressurized intake 
> test.  I used some carb cleaner to get the gunk off the throttle body 
> and intake manifold before reassembling.
> Suggestions?
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