Source for inexpensive shocks and headliner

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Funny you mention Oklahoma City. My car was originally purchased there. :-)

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Funny, I picked one up in Dallas about two months ago. Drove it to
Oklahoma City. Pearl with black sport interior. but has a LOT of

Anyhow, onto your question, the cheapest place I know of for struts is Perhaps someone else knows a better place, though.

The headliner can either be pulled and replaced or you can recover it.
Basically, it's a foam and material covering on a piece of cardboard.
You have to pull the pillar trim from the A, B, C, and D pillars,
along with the sunroof trim and the grab handles/lights. Then, it
should come out. check out the archives on the V8 list in the last
four months or so, and you should find a pretty comprehensive writeup
on it.


On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 12:36 PM, Brian K. Ullrich
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> Hi to this list. I have rescued a '90 5 spd 200tq10v from a field
> in N. Texas. Overall the condition is about a C-. 215K miles of (mostly)
> documented ownership, body is straight and Pearl paint is good, interior
> smells bad but is intact minus headliner, Pearl BBS's are in great shape,
> tires and shocks are shot, brakes are ~OK.
> So far I've replaced the battery, entire clutch assembly, clutch actuator
> lever and bearing in the tranny, and slave cylinder. She runs quite well
> having spent so long sitting, and despite being wrenched on by a guy who
> thought there was no was an i-5 could be any more complex than a
> Chevy.
> I need to get her roadworthy and inspected or she risks being towed by my
> HOA. Any ideas where I can get a cheap set of shocks just to get her past
> the inspector?
> Also, any ideas where I can get a headliner?

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