No start after TB????We Got Fire!!!!

Kneale Brownson kneale at
Fri Oct 23 06:28:24 PDT 2009

I'm trying to figure out how I got the timing off when I didn't move the 
crank or the cam during the initial timing belt change.  What I recall 
is that there was almost no tightening of the crank pulley.   I set up 
my usual 24-inch breakerbar and piece of 3-foot pipe to loosen the bolt, 
kind of dreading the effort because it's  sort of left-handed and that's 
the side that hurts,  and when I pushed on the pipe with my right  
hand,  there was almost no resistance.  I could have used a ratchet and 
socket.   What I think now is they put the pulley on without engaging 
the  key in the  crankshaft keyway,  so when I lined up the pulley with 
the keyway and installed it,  the timing relationship changed.

You cannot rotate the crank 180 degrees by itself.  I had to turn the 
crank however far it'll go, reinstall the belt, turn some more to clear 
the interference, uninstall the belt, turn the crank some more, 
reinstall, etc., until I could get both the dot on the camshaft pulley 
aligned with its mark and the mark on the flywheel in the right spot. 

Mike Sylvester wrote:
> How could you be that far off if nothing moved during the TB
> replacement?
> You were able to turn the crank 180 degrees without any valves hitting?
> Mike

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