Unintended meanderings

Kneale Brownson kneale at knitknacks.com
Fri Oct 23 18:00:58 PDT 2009

So we're buzzing along in the center lane at 70 on I94 just east of 
Chicago on our belated run to Colorado for the winter, me driving the 
200q20v avant loaded to the roof in the back, my wife trailing in the 
S8, when I almost get sideswiped by a really fast car in the fast lane 
and I jerked the wheel to the right just a bit too vigorously.  Looked 
like a Nascar highlight in the making as I lost control and swerved back 
and forth across the three traffic lanes and two service lanes, barely 
missing the concrete barriers on each side, Nokians screaming.  I'm 
flailing away trying to counter steer each tail wag.  I'm sure the extra 
weight is contributing to the issue.  My wife says I did two donut and 
traveled "way down the road" sideways.  We both thought about the car 
rolling.  I think I did two full traverses with just one donut at the 
end when I finally applied the brakes because I thought I'd slowed 
enough the brakes might help.

Anyway, the upshot was the tires didn't seem to develop any flat spots 
but the fuel gauge now reads full whenever I turn on the key (got a 
couple hundred miles on the current tankful).

I tried shaking the car some with the trailer hitch, but that didn't 
help the gauge.  Any other suggestions?

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