Unintended meanderings (Kneale Brownson)

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Sat Oct 24 15:49:06 PDT 2009

Yeah, and I'll buy the second.  What a story.  Must have been quite a sight.
Very very happy to hear that the resulting concern was limited to
flat-spotting the tires.

Colorado Springs

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Kneale - get here alive and I'll buy you a beer. . .

Tom 95 S6 Avant (in Colorado)

> From: Kneale Brownson <kneale at knitknacks.com>
> Subject: Unintended meanderings

> So we're buzzing along in the center lane at 70 on I94 just east of 
> Chicago on our belated run to Colorado for the winter, me driving the 
> 200q20v avant loaded to the roof in the back, my wife trailing in the 
> S8, when I almost get sideswiped by a really fast car in the fast lane 
> and I jerked the wheel to the right just a bit too vigorously.  Looked 
> like a Nascar highlight in the making as I lost control and swerved 
> back and forth across the three traffic lanes and two service lanes, 
> barely missing the concrete barriers on each side, Nokians screaming.  
> I'm flailing away trying to counter steer each tail wag.  I'm sure the 
> extra weight is contributing to the issue.  My wife says I did two 
> donut and traveled "way down the road" sideways.  We both thought 
> about the car rolling.  I think I did two full traverses with just one 
> donut at the end when I finally applied the brakes because I thought 
> I'd slowed enough the brakes might help.

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