Speedometer not working

John Lagnese jlagnese at massed.net
Sun Sep 13 19:26:01 PDT 2009

I had the annoying bouncing speedo needle. The fix was to resolder as shown
in picture 2. Thanks Phil!!

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At 10:34 PM -0400 5/3/09, YBK wrote:
>My car has developed exactly the same symptoms.
>I would like to try Peter's suggestion.
>Where is the speedometer sender?
>Bentley doesn't seem to mention speedometer sender anywhere other then
>transmission harness connector in transmission removal section.
>Ç ÇÚ•, 13/03/2007 ’ 08:41 -0400, Peter Schulz Ô˯ÂÚ:
>>  Brian:
>>  Do the easiest thing first.
>>  Pull the connector on the transmission sender, clean the contacts on
>>  it and on the sender, reconnect., then see if it resolves the issue.
>  > Instrument cluster issues tend to be with the 
>auto check and warning lights.
>  >

Peter may be right, however defective 
solder-joints in the instrument cluster are also 
a common cause for the speedo  malfunction 
(completely dead or bouncing needle). A quick 
"test"  (done carefully while driving, of course) 
is to give the top of the padded dash a good 
smack. Might take a couple of hard hits. If that 
succeeds to get your speedo back to normal 
behavior ( at least for a brief time) you'll know 
you need to pull the cluster and do some 

Photos of my repairs here (includes wire jumper 
added to fix hi-beam and turn-signal issue):



P.S. My resoldering job (done at the base of the 
2-pin connector) solved the speedo bounce problem 
for a few years. It recently has reoccurred, so a 
more permanent repair is obviously needed. This 
would require somehow (?) directly connecting 
(i.e., soldering) a ground feed wire to that pin. 
Or continue slapping the dashboard until it hurts 
your hand too much. ;-)

Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
mailto:pjrose at frontiernet.net
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